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William Doonan is a tax attorney in the Bronx who has excelled in the industry and helped others for 35+ years. He opened up his own tax business in 1981. Prior to this, he spent many years as a math teacher at New York City public schools. This blog will focus on William’s passion for education not just as a teacher, but as a lifelong learner.

William graduated from and began teaching in New York City public schools as a math teacher. He quickly became known for his teaching style and was loved by coworkers and students alike for his ability to motivate his classes and reward them for trying their hardest. Doonan often bought sporting equipment regularly with his own money to reward students for doing their homework and giving their best effort in class.

One of William Doonan’s fondest memories of his time as a teacher is when he took his 8th grade math class to Yankee Stadium, where his students won math competitions for their school. (Watch this video to see William and his class celebrating after winning the TIVY championship!) It was a perfect example of how he aimed to get his students interested in their studies and reward them for working hard.

Eventually William Doonan decided to attend Brooklyn Law School. He balanced his career by teaching during the day and working at night. Once he graduated, he opened up his own tax business and has run it ever since. However, he never forgot all of the ways that his teaching career influenced his perspective of life and changed him for the better. During his tenure, Doonan often felt that he was learning just as much as his students were.

The Value of Education



As a teacher William was able to learn how to connect with young people and inspire them to excel in academics and seek out brighter futures for themselves and for their community. In order for William to help his students tap into their potential, he needed to have a positive attitude. That has inspired William all his life, and to this day he believes that true success is happiness.

While William’s teaching expertise was in math, he also loves history personally. A history buff, he loves to read dozens of history books each year and watch the History Channel.

This blog will cover some of the topics that William Doonan has enjoyed teaching or learning about over the course of his career.