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Math is a subject that nearly every student is going to have to study at one time or another. Math is more important now than ever, with just about every profession using math to some extent. Unfortunately, many students have trouble with math. For those students, the following list can help them to improve their studying and the grades they get in math.

1. Control The Environment
Mathematics requires a great deal of concentration. In order to successfully study math, a student needs to find a quiet place with no distractions. For those students who find they study better with music, make sure it is the appropriate type of music. It should be low and relaxing.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice
Learning math requires actually solving math problems. Just reading or listening is not going to help a student succeed. In fact, the more practice math problems a student solves, the better.

3. Review Wrong Answers
When a student answers a math problem incorrectly, he or she needs to review the problem and see where they went wrong. Then, they need to see the proper solution. By doing this, one learns from their mistakes and is less prone to repeating that error.

4. Understand Sticking Points
This is similar to reviewing incorrect answers. There may often be a common error a student makes in all of their incorrect answers. By learning their sticking points, a student can focus on that part of the subject matter and improve upon it.

5. Apply Math Problem to Real Life Problems
Math can be extremely abstract and pose an extra hurdle for students who tend not to think abstractly. For those students, it helps to apply math problems to real-life situations. This is why students often see word problems in math. A student can look at any math equation and transform it into a word problem that deals with issues the student faces in real life.

6. Create a Vocabulary List
Mathematics has many specific terms that can easily confuse a student. To learn these, a student should make a list or even flashcards. They should include definitions as well as examples.

7. Learn the Important Concepts
Each level of mathematics builds on the last. Likewise, each level has its own key ideas. By learning these ideas, it is easier to move on to the next level.