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Just a few decades ago, when someone mentioned books, they were talking about simple hardbacks and paperbacks– printed, physical copies of considerable masterpieces that live on the shelves inside of one’s home. If someone has a fully stocked bookshelf, it’s easy to tell that they’re a book lover. However, today’s technology is changing that ease. A “book nerd” is no longer someone that owns a fully stocked bookshelf anymore. Here’s how you can still be into books without needing the physical copy.

Audiobooks and Podcasts

Twisting words from paper to being spoken through a recording, audiobooks and podcasts are perfect for book lovers on the go. While many enjoy books simply for the pleasure of sitting down and relaxing somewhere with a real page turner in hand, audiobooks and podcasts are made for multitasking. Many book lovers listen to audiobooks in the car on their commute or while cooking in the kitchen.

You can download audiobooks through apps like Audible and even through Amazon. Podcasts can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple, and other websites that offer podcast subscriptions and downloads. While an audiobook is typically only one book, podcasts are typically weekly series and segments that provide new content.

Whether you want fresh content weekly or want to save time by listening to a book instead of reading it, then check out audiobooks and podcasts.

Kindle Fire and Tablets

Do you ever need to pack a few books for while you’re on the go, but struggle to decide which books you want to bring? You also have to consider how heavy the books are and how many you’re willing to carry around. Amazon’s Kindle Fire and other tablets have drastically changed that.

With incredible HD displays and expanded battery life, the Kindle Fire and other tablets give the ability to take as many books with you that you have stored on your device. Rather than needing a light to read, some tablets have low back lights that allow reading in any light setting.

Technology has made it possible to read books through devices, rather than physical copies. While physical books are still very relevant, taking a tablet on the go to have multiple books through one device is something many book lovers take advantage of.

E-Books, PDFs, and Blogs

Accessible on computers, devices, and anything connected to wifi, ebooks, PDFs, and blogs are a great source of information anytime you need it. Blogs are a great way to give people relevant information for their hobbies, interests, and more. Bloggers are on the rise as more and more people subscribe to this form of readings.

Ebooks and PDFs are becoming more common in the education field. Professors offer ebooks and PDFs to their college students this form of textbooks which not only saves them money, but keeps their backpack a little lighter too.

While technology will continue to change the way readers read books, digital readings are just another way to read. You can still love your physical books and enjoy the digital world of reading at the same time.