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When it comes to math, practice makes perfect. This explains why your teacher often assigns so many homework problems! Studying for math starts with memorizing formulas and equations, but it does not end there. To best prepare for your upcoming exam, try the following strategies to get an “A” on your next test!


Review Your Notes
Once you get home, take 15 to 20 minutes out your day to review your notes from class. As your exam date approaches closer review the entire chapter. If your teacher used specific examples in class, pay special attention. These examples will be helpful in breaking down the formula and helping you fully understand the equation. If you find yourself missing notes, don’t be afraid to tap your classmate!
Practice With Similar Homework Problems
If you were assigned to do the odd numbers for past homework assignments, do the even! Often your textbook will have the answers to the equations in the back of the book. If you are looking for more practice sheets, ask your teacher if there is an online version of your textbook. Often the online version has additional material that you can utilize.
Form a Study Group
Forming a study group can result in many benefits. A study group can help you learn the material faster and gain a better understanding. Other students may have a different perspective on the material that you. Your peer may find one concept easy to understand, whereas you may have a hard time understanding. This gives you the opportunity to learn a different tactic. If worse comes to worst and your study group is still confused by a concept, you can ask your teacher for help.
Create a Practice Test
If you are in a study group, ask your peers to create a practice test. If you aren’t in a study group, ask a family member or fellow classmate. Once you have a practice test to study from, test yourself. Put away your notes and set a timer to simulate a real test.
Reward Yourself
After devoting a few hours to studying, make sure to take a break. You deserve it! Find a way to treat yourself, whether that means watching an episode of your favorite Netflix show or indulging in a baked good.
Sleep and Eat Well
An upcoming exam can certainly cause some stress. The night before the test, don’t stay up all night cramming. Make sure you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep. In the morning make sure you eat a healthy breakfast that will help you keep energized and alert for your test.